Laughs are our in-stream currency and are used for everything in the channel.

How do I earn laughs?


Laughs are earned in multiple ways...

  • Help the Channel! Everything you do that helps the channel earns you additional laughs: Subs/Renewals/Gift Subs (50 per sub), Donations (10 per $1 donated), Cheers (10 per 100 bits), Follows (5), and Hosts (1).

  • Raffles StandardDamage will occaisionally call out for a raffle on stream. When he does, you have 2 minutes to type !join in chat for your chance to win laughs!

  • Be present! Viewers earn 6 laughs per hour. Subscribers earn 12 laughs per hour.

What Commands and Games use Laughs?

  • !redeem By far our most popular command. Type !items to see the complete list of sound effects and visuals that can be played on stream. Subscribers have access to the complete list, non-subscribers have limited access.

  • !8ball For 8 laughs you can ask the magic 8-Ball any question you wish!

  • !duel Challenge another viewer for laughs! The winner takes all!

  • !grease You can grease your marble for 5 laughs. For entertainment only: has no actual effect in game.

  • !greaseother You can grease someone else's marble for 5 laughs. For entertainment only. Has no actual effect in game.

  • !shoutout You can shout out your own Twitch channel for 5 laughs! Type !shoutout to use it.


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